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After the kitesurfing world champion, Youri Zoon, and the freediving world record holder, Guillaume Néry, Biotherm Homme has chosen two new charming muses for its range of beauty products for men. One is a football champion and sports journalist in his community, Bixente Lizarazu. The other is the winner of the last Vendée Globe, François Gabart. They are both sporty and have the common point of representing the new faces of the Biotherm Homme brand.

The new Biotherm Homme muses

Bixente Lizarazu – Biotherm Homme

Bixente Lizarazu, 43 years old, is the former World Football Champion in 1998 and Europe in 2000. Since January 2014, he has been chosen to represent the Age Fitness range.

Biotherm Homme - Age Fitness 2014 Pub Campaign Bixente Lizarazu
Biotherm Homme – Age Fitness 2014 Pub Campaign Bixente Lizarazu

Now retired, Bixente says his greatest pride is his children. He is today one of the best sports journalist in the world of football. Besides his passion for football, he practices surfing, he is very passionate about sea sports. Bixente Lizarazu is happy to be able to collaborate with the Biotherm Homme brand. Biotherm Homme has chosen Bixente Lizarazu to represent the Age Fitness product. Age Fitness is the new range of Biotherm beauty products for men, it is an active and unprecedented male treatment concentrating all the life force of the olive tree to counter the first signs of aging.

François Gabart – Biotherm Homme

The new ambassador of the new Biotherm Homme Aquapower range is none other than the winner of the Vendée Globe, François Gabart.

Biotherm Homme - Biotherm Homme Aquapower 2014 Advertising Campaign
Biotherm Homme – Aquapower 2014 Advertising Campaign François Gabart 2014

He was chosen to represent the brand of men’s beauty products alongside Bixente Lizarazu. At just 29 years old, he is the new darling of French navigation. He was chosen to embody the Aquapower range. François Gabart is happy to be able to present the new Biotherm Homme campaign alongside Bixente Lizarazu. “We are both passionate about aquatic and marine life, it is an honor for us to be able to be the faces of Biotherm Homme products. The Aquapower range will be launched in April 2014.

Biotherm Homme presents two videos with the faces of its new ambassadors. François Gabart is on his sailboat. While Bixente Lizarazu, shows on the screen his profession of footballer and his passion for surfing.

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